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We area small, rapidly growing, yet highly specialised company. As such, we offer very challenging careers, working closely with colleagues with decades of industry experiences.

Our Vacancies

Scientist – Birmingham UK

We are looking for a Research Scientist to join our rapidly growing business. You will have the opportunity to work in a mature environment and to develop your skills and knowledge, as you further your career with us. We are a close-knit, friendly team and you will have a direct impact on the success of the business. 

Two-thirds of our business is repeat business, coming from scientists we have worked with before.


“Thank you very much for the reliable and professional collaboration. It was a pleasure working with Gifford. Further collaboration using rat spinal chord sections are, therefore, definitely an option.”

Preclinical Research Manager, German Pharma, Jan 2020

“If I haven’t told you before – you are all truly wonderful. Thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and collaboration.”

VP of Drug Development, Australian Biotech, Nov 2019

An international customer base:

54% of our clients are from the USA, 26% from Europe, 20% from Asia/Pacific.


“KD determination of drug binding to targets, by equilibrium and kinetic measurements, is an essential component of our mechanism of action analyses for drug development. Gifford Bioscience performs this service using radionuclides with the highest quality, in a cost effective and timely manner.”

Director of Biology, Californian Biotech, June 2019

I was at a loss for how to show loss of a 5-HT7 receptor in a newly created KO rat, given that neither PCR nor antibody-based methods could do so.  Turning to autoradiography saved the day. At every step along the way, you kept me informed as to the status of the preliminary work done prior to the formal experiment, and then the experiment itself. When the final experiment was done, you sent me results in a well documented report that was incredibly detailed and helpful. THANK YOU for making this happen.

Professor, MSU, May 2019

“We have received outstanding professional service from Gifford Bioscience Limited for our radioligand assays. We receive timely updates at each phase of our project. Moreover, the team at Gifford Bioscience provides its expert advice on the experimental design and analyses, in addition to actually performing the experiments. We strongly recommend Gifford Bioscience to scientists/researchers for their radioligand binding related assays.”

Researcher, US University, March 2019


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