Working at Gifford Bioscience 

We are a small, rapidly growing, yet highly specialised company. As such, we offer very challenging careers, working closely with colleagues who have decades of industry experience.

Our Vacancies

Principal Investigator, Molecular Pharmacology – Birmingham UK

We are looking for a Principal Investigator with a strong track-record in molecular pharmacology to join our rapidly growing business. You will bring a complementary skill set to our existing service offerings and will lead a research stream. We are a close-knit, friendly team and you will have a direct impact on the success of the business. 

“Excellent work, high quality, very thorough and diligent. Love working with Gifford.”

Director Biology, Californian Biotech, Aug 2022

An international customer base:

Almost half of our clients are in the USA. A further quarter are based in the EU.


“We particularly appreciate the way your experienced scientists engage in scientific discourse with us, ensuring the optimal use of radioligand binding assays. Grateful for the excellent overall service.”

Associate Professor, East Coast University School of Medicine, Aug 2022

86% of our business is repeat business, coming from the scientists we have worked with before.


“We are so impressed with your serious scientific discussion, professional advice, and excellent service. We would like to commission many experiments with our other pipeline in the future, and I promise to introduce Gifford to many other groups. Thanks to all of you!”

Principal Researcher, Korean Biotech, 2021

“I am really impressed how fast and professionally you act. 😊. It is clear to me that you at Gifford like ‘doing science’ and challenges.”

Principal Scientist, German Pharma, 2021

“Our group discussed your initial KOR binding data in our meeting today. All were very impressed with the quality of your data.”

Board Member, Boston Biotech, 2021

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