“On Demand” Scientists, Receptor Pharmacology – Birmingham UK 

We are looking for scientists to help our steadily growing company, during periods of peak demand. You will have a PhD in pharmacology or another relevant discipline and many years of experience. Retired, only available term time, only available in school holidays, whatever your reason for wanting to work for a month or two at a time, you will enjoy being a part of our close-knit, friendly team. 

Job Purpose 

Assist in the Execution of Individual Projects.  

Key Responsibilities 

  • Ensuring all stock and reagents required are on hand.
  • Undertaking key tasks in specialist assays, seeking guidance from Scientists and Principal Investigator as required.
  • Updating protocols.
  • Analysis of data. 
  • Troubleshooting. 
  • Analysis of data. 
  • Assist in writing of draft reports.
  • Correctly storing data, reagents and samples (including “lab book”) for current and future reference.
  • Following all policies and procedures, giving feedback on their development as appropriate.
  • Operational tasks as directed by operations manager / line manager (e.g. monthly surveys / COSHH updates / receipt of radiochems etc.).
  • Other tasks as might reasonably be required of you and that you can reasonably perform.


  • A relevant PhD.
  • Experience with cell culture.
  • Experience with tissue sectioning and histology.
  • Experience with in vitro assays.

If you are interested in working for shot periods within our small and dynamic company, then please send us an email using the link or the address below, attach your CV and confirm your eligibility to work in the UK.  

Please email info@giffbio.com with any questions you might have.