Accelerating Lead Optimization in Drug Discovery

Gifford Bioscience is a UK based specialist CRO with a global customer base. Our receptor pharmacology and occupancy assays provide critical data for the lead optimization stage of your drug discovery research.

Our PhD level scientists are experts in gold-standard radiometric methods, in fluorescence detection and in label-free, kinetic affinity techniques. For our range of specialist assays, we use human and animal tissue, cultured cells, membranes, and recombinant proteins. With robust science, fast turnaround and frequent updates, our customers know their research is in the best hands.

Determination of receptor affinities and ligand binding parameters for test compounds in a tissue homogenate or cell preparation.

Imaging the distribution of a labeled test drug in tissue sections. Quantification of ligand binding in regions of interest.

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Measurement of the degree to which a test compound engages its target receptor in tissues or in an animal.

Measurement of a compounds transport into cells or efflux from cells. Determination of a compound’s potency and efficacy.

Kinetic, label-fee measurement of a drug’s affinity for its receptor using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).

Measurement of second messenger levels resulting from ligand binding. Determination of potency and efficacy of compounds and identification of agonists and antagonists.

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as part of a core receptor pharmacology study

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Since 2017, we have been building our reputation as the experts in receptor ligand binding.

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Copyright © 2024 Gifford Bioscience Limited
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